Advantages of Full Body Workout you can not tune out

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Full Body Workout Benefits

Full body workout – as it sounds, this method can be effectively used to target major muscle groups. Not only for the athletes nowadays but mostly this had been the favorite for old school bodybuilders. In addition to this, there are numerous other benefits of choosing this regime which are listed below.

1. Time efficient

Full body workout is no doubt a time efficient option. If you are running short on schedule, just perform the major compound exercises such as Bench Press, Overhead Military Shoulder Press, Barbell Squats, Pull Ups or Lat pulldowns. Having said that, you will more than good on the daily workout quota.

Additionally, if you are out of town or say in some hotel, a quick full body workout routine such as Push Up, Burpees and bodyweight squats will be more than sufficient to boost the metabolism throughout the day.

2. Helps to reduce the break intervals

Well, this is personal favorite. If you would ask why, then this might be your favorite reason too after reading this . Researches have found that the more you put emphasis on time under tension, more your muscle fibers will tend to grow. Having said that, when you decrease the break interval between the sets, you increase the intensity of your workout. This results to more muscle hypertrophy. So, next time when you spend time on your smartphone in between the sets, remember

3. Increases the metabolism

Full body workout focuses on every major to minor muscle groups. Having said that it requires more energy than usual workout routine. This is the reason our metabolism gets fired up. Not to ignore, that this also results in more fatigue hence you need to keep your carbs in check.

4. Manipulation becomes easier

While doing a split body workout, you’ll be doing more overall exercises every workout, which makes it slightly more difficult to mix in new exercises to avoid hitting a plateau.

Furthermore, if you become injured in a specific muscle region, a full-body workout makes it easy to omit the exercise(s) that aggravate the injury and replace them with others that do not.

However, with a split body workout, if one major muscle group is damaged, it can throw off a whole day’s workout, putting a huge kink in your program plan.

5. Good Option to Consider for Home Workout

Full body workouts are a great alternative if you like to complete your workouts at home. When completing home exercises, equipment options are sometimes restricted, so full body workouts suit perfectly because they involve fewer varied lifts in total, making them easier to accomplish with only a set of dumbbells.

Walking lunges, deadlifts, lying chest presses, shoulder presses, bent over rows, lateral raises, biceps curls, and overhead triceps extensions are all exercises that may be done with dumbbells and combined to provide a full-body workout.

6. Easy to Schedule

What’s even better is that even if you skip a day, you’ll only be missing three sessions each week; if you can make it to the gym the next day, you won’t throw off your weekly plan since you’ll always have two consecutive days off at some point throughout the week.

As a result, full-body workouts are the most feasible option for individuals with unpredictable schedules.

7. Results Faster Fat loss

If you’re wanting to lose weight, full-body workouts are also a great option. When you’re on a fat-loss diet, you’re consuming less calories than your body would prefer, which means your recuperation stores are depleted.

Despite this, in order to avoid muscle loss when on a diet, you must stimulate the muscle tissues at least twice a week, so skipping workouts totally is not an option.

8. Greater Testosterone Boosts

Exercises that include complete body motions and activate as many muscle fibers as possible, will release the most testosterone when it comes to influencing testosterone release via resistance training sessions. To get the most out of your full-body workout, complex movements like push-ups, pull-ups and squats are always recommended.

9. Anywhere...Anytime

You’d have to be very inventive if you want to dedicate a whole exercise to a particular body part — or you’d need the support of gym equipment intended to isolate and tone certain muscle groups. However, for many full-body workouts, your own body weight is all you need.

When you utilize your body weight as resistance, your muscle groups immediately work together to stabilize and support one another, according to Holland. Consider an example on how your shoulders, abs, and glutes are all engaged when maintaining a plank.

10. Reduces the Risk of Injury

According to the Mayo Clinic, whole-body workouts can also help avoid muscular imbalances and overuse problems. For example, focusing numerous body parts within every workout reduces the risk of significantly stressing one joint or muscle area.

Furthermore, exercising all of your major muscle groups helps protect you from frequent muscle damage including stress fractures, tendon or ligament tears, falls, and back discomfort. Strength training may improve the health of your bones, muscles and tendons, and musculature, all of which can help you avoid injuries like these.



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